Water Filter for Bathroom in India

The Parashu™ Premium Bathroom Water Purifier System

Bathing in polluted water leaves a bad taste, apart from giving you aesthetically a bad feeling. It is also harmful, as it may cause hairfall and skin rashes in sensitive skins. Moreover, the chlorine and chloramines added by municipalities plays havoc with your health. They are carcinogenic in nature, and easily enter your body through your skin especially when you bathe in warm water, as your body spores open up when in contact with warm water. They are also especially harmful for kids and pregnant women. They are also known culprits for breast cancer.

Now, you can protect yourself with our Parashu™ branded bathroom water purifier systems, that given you safe water for bathing and for shampoo. We have a large variety to choose from, so you can take your pick according to your need and condition of water.

Even if you have reddish or yellowish water delivered at your tap, it will be purified into clean and clear water, after installation of this water filter for bathroom.

You will need a plumber’s help in fixing the system, and it is very simple to use. The installation diagram is also provided. The filter is ready for online shopping.

This is ideal for ½ inch line or one single bathroom. It also works perfectly with pressure pumps, and where the pressure is between 1 bar to 5 bar. For larger pipelines or more than 1 bathroom, please consider the next system.

This will give you clear, iron free water, and also takes out chlorines and chlorines and chloramines, and also softens the water, keeping your sanitary ware clog free. The system outputs reduced germs, clear, healthy near-drinking-water-quality water for bathing, in full force. Your baths will be clean and refreshing. All your taps of your bathroom including your connected geyser, will have clean input water, increasing their life and aesthetics.

Along with your order, will be 1 set of extra cartridges free, so that you have enough time to order for cartridge sets. Extra cartridges can be ordered from: https://www.irawaters.net/product-whole-tap-iron-remover-cartridge-02.html

Please note that we will deliver the product across India, and you will need a professional plumber to fix the system in your bathroom. The bathroom main line must be exposed to help fit the system, and additional parts may be required to fit the system, which is not covered in the purchase, and will have to purchased separately. It is best to show your plumber the installation diagram and your bathroom, before you order for the system.

The KDF attachment that you see in the extreme right doesn’t need a cartridge and only needs to be fitted in reverese every six months or so. We have provided easy unions on both ends of it, so that you can reverse fit it whenever you want, without calling your plumber. Cartridge change is also very easy, and you can do it yourself too.

The parallel line as given in the installation diagram is for emergency unforeseen purposes only, and for maintaining the flow while change of cartridges. It needs to be built by your plumber and is not provided with the system.

Note that there is no water wastage in this system. You can all the water that you put in to the system, from the other end.

If you think that all your need to do is to purify the water from 1 single tap, then you can do it without any plumber requirement or installation, as our water purifier connected to tap system comes pre assembled, and all you need to do is to connect one of its end to a tap mouth. It filters the entire tap water, which you can then collect in a bucket and use. Please check Ira Ultimate.

The Parashu Premium Bathroom Water Filter, for a single bathroom.


For 1 inch or larger lines, more than 1 bathrooms and for entire flat or house.

Please note that it is large and heavy system, and is yet wall hanged, to save you space. It comprises of three JUMBO housings, each fitted with proprietary Medias and catalysts that works real-time to purify your water for daily use. The input output of the system is 1 inch. They can also be fixed to exit of a domestic water pump.

The first cartridge where the water enters consists of a catalyst that does not requires to be changed, but only washed periodically in plain water. The second media, which is granulated gas activated carbon, removes all harmful chlorine and chloramines commonly found in bathing water, and requires to be changed after 6 to 8 months. The final cartridge offers 5 micron polishing to the water, rendering it crystal clear, after the air inside it flows out with water. We also provide two shower filters exclusively with this product, that you can fix directly to your showerheads, which makes the water greatly healthy for bathing. Please note that you will not need to change any cartridge in the shower filters, and they run for months without any maintenance. In case of any reduce in flow, you will only need to open it out by hand, and fit it back in reverse. They work perfectly for upto 45,000 liters or more, after which, you may replace them. They can be bought separately from http://www.irawaters.net/shower-filter-02.html.

Please note the following pictures of whole house filters or multiple bathroom filters that can be fixed to the main pipeline of a house or flat, or to the common bathroom line. You will need to show them to your plumber for fitting the system:


You will be happy to know that our systems are running successfully for years across Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, etc, as the following uses:

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